Thursday, December 19, 2013


It's the last day before our two-week winter break, and I can safely say that most of us teachers are as excited as the students!  I finished my 150 math notebooks, regraded the latest quiz, and now have the computer uploads to do for quarterly and semester grades and citizenship marks. I can do this with half of my brain tied behind my back.  Good thing, too, because I think that's about all I have left!

Today is going to be a modified dress code day, the dance after school, and supervision of the tutorial group until 5:00. Good thing I've got a low key day with my sixth graders!

We're doing some coordinate graphing of a "mystery picture" (ssshhh, don't tell - it's Santa Claus). We're going to do a little mental math game called Albert's Insomnia. No heavy lifting in the brain area today!

It's been a great first semester. I'm not in line with the district's pacing calendar - I'm swimming as fast as my little guppies can travel....but we have made great strides with our skills.  I'm especially proud of my students who are embracing problem-solving a little bit more and a little bit deeper.  I am so happy that I hear comments floating to my ears like these: "Math class went fast today!" "I want to re-do an assignment." I love the big ear-to-ear smiles when a student sees how well they are doing on their assessments.  I am enjoying the Wall of Champions filled with colorful post-it notes that indicate a student had 80% or better on an assessment. (Thanks for the idea, Daniel!)

2013 has been very, very good for the math teacher....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! It's a two-week break from blogging (perhaps...) but not from thinking about what comes next!